Teacher’s Day Celebration

In India, Teachers’ Day has been celebrated annually on September 5th since 1962. This date was chosen in honour of Doctor Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan prominent philosopher, scholar, and statesman who served as the first Vice President and the second President of India.

On the occasion of same the cultural committee of Changu Kana Thakur Secondary and Higher Secondary Vidyalaya has organised programme under the guidance of Principal Mr.Prashant More Sir
Supervisor Mr.Ajit Sonawane Sir(Arts and Commerce)
Mrs.Swati Patil Madam (Science)

The Chief Guest Mr.S.T.Gadade Sir(Secretary of Sanstha)has Inaugurated the Programme

All teachers were felicitated through a token of appreciation.

*Mr.Anand Kulkarni Sir* gave a brief description about life journey and achievements of Doctor Radhakrishnan.

*Mr.Pradip Tandel Sir* emphasized how teachers were creators of Society.

Principal *Mr Prashant More Sir* in his speech brought out the importance of teachers and how they illuminate the society with their knowledge and wisdom.

The students were given the opportunity to play the role of Teacher for one day.
60 students from Science and
50 students from Commerce participated enthusiastically and happily.

Towards the end the student teachers were felicitated.